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Image Sliders

[wvc_anything_slider slider_height=”100%” autoplay=”false” slideshow_speed=”6000″][wvc_anything_slide add_overlay=”yes” overlay_color=”auto” overlay_opacity=”80″ background_img=”4152″]

Our brand new awesome page builder element:

The Anything Slider!

Just Put anything you want in your slides!!

[/wvc_anything_slide][wvc_anything_slide background_type=”video” add_overlay=”yes” video_bg_url=”″ video_bg_img=”6051″]
Watch the Trailer
[/wvc_anything_slide][wvc_anything_slide add_overlay=”yes” overlay_color=”auto” overlay_opacity=”80″ background_img=”5718″]

Use text, buttons and other elements to


…and create cool sliders


This is the “Advanced Slider” element. A custom slider with premade caption settings.

This is a simple image slider element. Simply choose your images and you’re done!

  • placeholder
  • placeholder
  • placeholder

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